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We collected the most frequently asked questions on venture capital investment. You can find the answers for Solus Capital by clicking on the questions.

The primary investment focus areas of Solus I. are: Electronics, Robotics, Photonics, Materials Technology, Bionics, Packaging Technology, Chemical Industry, Light Industry, Construction, Logistics.

Our second investment focus is the so-called S3 industries, such as automotive, health, green economy, agriculture, food-processing industry, infocommunication (fintech included) and smart city solutions.

In addition to financing the innovations in these industries, modernizing investments of the 21st century (digitization, robotics, automation, IoT, etc.) in traditional industries can also be financed.

Solus I. intends to fund startups and businesses of varying degrees of development with different exit techniques, but in any case it must meet the criteria for micro, small and medium sized enterprises. These phases and exit techniques are as follows (the latter in brackets):

  • Starting phase,  0-1 year (open ended)
  • Early growth phase, 1-4 years  (open ended)
  • Late growth phase, 4-7 years (open and closed ended)
  • Mature phase, 7+ years (open and closed ended)
It is a an investment type where the goal is the joint sale of the company where every shareholder is obliged to sell its share. The company is sold to a third party usually within 5-7 years.

It is an investment type  where the goal is to restore the company to its founders. The share of the investor is bought back by the founders according to a fixed timeline and  by a fixed price.

The typical amount of investment into the target company is between 200 and 700 million forints, usually split into parts (ie. 100 million forints upfront, then after reaching a given milestone another 100 million forints). The primary form of investment is equity which can be supplemented by a shareholder loan (however it is also possible to provide mezzanine financing where the shareholder loan dominates).
Solus Capital can finance the personal -, subcontracting -, service -, and investment costs arising in the headquarters, sites and branches of companies in convergence regions (outside the Central Hungarian Region).
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