Solus Capital at HIPA Tőkeakadémia

HIPA held HIPA Tőkeakadémia 8th time this year for project owners and companies that consider involving capitals. On the 15th of November, the first day of the 4-days-long event, they organized a meeting where Solus Capital was presented by its Director of Investment, Dr. Zoltán Várady.   Dr. Zoltán

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dr. Zoltán Várady Presented Solus Capital at Progress Bar

The most recent event fa Progress Bar was held on the 25th of October and is considered to be the first public introduction of those venture capitals that participate in the Intelligens szakosodási tőkeprogram. Solus Capital was present as well and Dr. Zoltán Várady introduced Solus I. Alap too.

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Gábor Vadász’ Pitch at the Millenáris Startup Campus

Goodwill Consulting held a mini-conference called, Kockázati Tőkefinanszírozás a gyakorlatban” at Millenáris Startup Campus on the 18th of October. Vadász Gábor, one of our Investors and representative of VG3Law and Rendi.hu had a presentation as well on the topic of venture capitals in Hungary.   Gábor Vadász

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The Success of András Monos at Pitch@Palace Hungary

András Monos   András Monos, the Director of Investments contributed as a mentor to the pitch of CollMot Robotics, drone show provider on the BootCamp of Pitch@Palace Hungary 1.0 on the 10th of September 2018. We'd like to congratulate CollMot on their second place achieved and the

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